Best free online tutorial to learn Android app development

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Before you start developing Android apps, you must learn any of the programming languages especially Java or Kotlin. To learn Java, please read this post.

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, so it is obvious that the best courses will be provided by Google developers themselves. They published Android Nanodegree courses for free but If you want a certificate (which is not important) you have to pay.

The courses should be taken in the following order:
Beginner level: Android Development for Beginners (contains Java tutorial)
Intermediate level: Developing Android Apps
Advanced level: Advanced Android App Development

NOTE THAT: After the intermediate level, you are able to apply for a job but you can take the advanced course to master the skills if you like. 
TIP: Finish the beginner course then start developing apps (side-projects) with yourself to not get bored. Also, remember that the best way to learn is to practice.

For more information, don't forget to read the Official Android Developer Guides

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