Connect to Oracle Database from NetBeans

Watch the below video and follow the instructions

In order to connect to Oracle database, you have to download the following:

Download Oracle XE 10g:!AZJS3aJT!CEFX6NO9_e-ggKT03XoOa_KSEFlQSiaCZVQBoiif5cg

Download ojdbc6:!FMRTiY7L!aOUIDE8jzdXjOGz_3dwTNTfNL4EBCRZQGyxIlXiBhkE

Download steps & source code:!cIJlFSrB!Thc5M53wkmtVbKYd-kkQW2xQD3gh1yzQMluXxNPrUHg

Don't forget to contact me or comment below if you have any question.

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