Summer plan for newbie programmers

 Six steps to choose your specialization in Computer Science and overcome confusion.

Years ago, I followed the below steps and fortunately, these steps helped me get a job once I graduated.

1. Try different fields of programming

Some people don't know which field they should start with. The best way to choose your suitable career is to Try all of them until you find which of them makes you feel passionate and overcome boredom. I myself started with creating a website for downloading games but I found web design and web coding make me get bored quickly, so I moved to Android app development and I loved it. Everyone has his own taste.
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2. Learn how to fix errors

You may face errors, crashes, or bugs while coding. So you should learn how to solve these problems on your own, you can copy the error text and paste it in Google search to find a solution or briefly describe the code bug. However, the most popular website for helping you solve your error is Stack Overflow.

3. Practice problem solving

To improve your coding skills and master the algorithms and data structures, you should create an account on a competitive programming website and start writing source codes (10 Best Coding Challenge Websites To Check Out).

4. Read news

Don't miss career news and updates as possible as you can. Gathering information is the only thing that makes you a special programmer (How to be aware of new updates in your career).

5. Use GitHub

GitHub brings together the world's largest community of developers to discover, share, and build better software.

6. Write your CV

In previous steps, you learned different skills that can be added to your CV, So don't wait and start writing your CV early to be ready to apply for an internship or a job.

Don't forget to contact me or comment below if you have any question.

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